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This program is centered on fundamental acrobatic technique. To increase flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, timing, body awareness, self-discipline and confidence. We focus on proper hand placement and body alignment. We focus on learning not only the technique, but also what muscles and flexibility are needed to execute that technique. Basic acrobatic skills are developed at an individual level, with the purpose of complimenting a dance routine.


This style of dance is based on fundamentals and positions of the arms, feet and body designed to enable the dancer to move with the greatest possible agility, control speed, lightness and grace.

Hip Hop

An upbeat style of dance where dancers are encouraged to push themselves to explore new movements and to understand the elements of choreography, music and performance. Students will have fun learning funky moves to the latest music.


The foundation for stability of movement will be a strong understanding of body placement and center. An emphasis will be placed on explanation of terminology, warm-up, center-with emphasis on strengthening turns, leaps, flexibility, technical execution, and combination, as well as what is needed to perform on stage.


The appreciation of movement through lyrical and improvisational interpretation of music, blending Ballet and Jazz and Modern techniques.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a dance form that combines dance moves, theatre, music and songs. The theatrical aspect of this form is through expression of humor, comedy or other emotions that tell a story. In this type of dance, students play a character role and develop a character through dance.


The foundation will be a strong understanding of basic tap steps, terminology, timing and rhythm. An emphasis will be placed on explanation of terminology, execution of basic steps through more challenging rhythms, precise tap sounds, improvisational techniques, syncopation and technical execution.

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