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Info & Tuition

1023 Millville Oxford Road,
Hamilton, OH 45013

Phone: 513-863-7329


     Welcome to our 2023-24 dance season! We are so happy to have our returning dancers back and excited to meet new ones! We are glad you are here and we are looking forward to another exciting year of learning, hard work, and a huge amount of FUN!!! The 2023 season was interesting for all of us.

      Please read and hold onto this newsletter, it is full of important information you will need to get you through the year.

******* Classes begin Tuesday, September 5, 2023. The last day of classes is Saturday, May 25, 2024 *******

Studio Closings - if it’s not listed here, classes are in session

Thanksgiving Break – November 21 – November 26

Christmas Break – December 20 through January 3, 2024

E-Mail: Email is our primary way of communicating important information and updates. Please add to your address book as our bulk emails come from this address and some email filters view them as spam. If you do not have an email address, please make sure to check weekly with the office to stay up to date!

Proper Dress: Students are required to wear proper dance attire to all classes. Proper shoes are required for Tap, Jazz and Ballet. Street clothes and shoes are only permitted in Hip-Hop. Anyone dressed improperly will be asked to sit and watch.

Parking: Millville-Oxford is a very busy highway, so please be careful when you enter and exit the studio. Please enter via the black pavement and continue to the small blacktop. Do not park on the blacktop; it is to be used by staff only. Please enter only onto the blacktop and exit only from the gravel lane.

Safety: Please help us to keep the studio safe and clean. For your safety please keep children from playing in the parking lot. No one is permitted in the barns and/or fenced horse areas. We are a non-smoking and non-vapor facility, No food or drinks permitted in the studio. You may bring a water bottle with you to class. Please use the office space and be sure to clean up after yourself. Please respect our polices.

Lost & Found: The Lost & Found is located in the bathroom basket. Please check for your belongings frequently. Items will be donated to charity on a monthly basis.

Payment Schedule: We offer 3 convenient payment methods: Online payment through “Parent Portal” on Jack Rabbit, mail or drop off payment in the lock box located outside studio office. Tuition payments are due by the 30th of the month, (February 28th) for the month following even if the studio is not open on the 30th. A $15.00 late fee is automatically assessed to each account not paid by the end of business on the 30th (February 28th).

Recital: The recital and rehearsals will be held at Parrish Auditorium - Miami University, Hamilton. The end of year recital is typically held the end of May first week of June. We are waiting confirmation dates from the facility.

Costumes: We begin taking recital costume measurements, orders, and deposits in October. The price of a costume deposit is $40.00 per class. This deposit amount is roughly 50% of total costume cost. All costume deposits are due end of November.  Once a costume is ordered, there is no refund or cancellation.

 Costumes are to be paid in full by end of February 2024.

Inclement Weather: During inclement weather it may be necessary to cancel classes. The office will send out and email and be sure and follow us on social media for the latest updates. Twitter - @NGD5678 Facebook -


$25.00 One time registration fee

30 Minute Classes

1 class/week =     $45/month
2 classes/week = $85/month
3 classes/week = $120/month
4 classes/week = $150/month
Each additional class $30/month


45 Minute Class

12+ Dance Team - $55** (Does not combine with other class fees)

One Hour Class

Advanced Acro Class - $65**(Does not combine with other class fees)

Tuition is based on an annual fee divided into equal monthly installments. The monthly rate is based on the total number of classes taken by all members of a household. Each month will have a varying number of classes depending on the day of the week that your child comes to class. Some months may have three lessons while others have four or five. It does not matter which day of the week your child comes to class; by the end of the year each class will meet at least 34 times.



All tuition, costume balances and other fees (including late fees) must be paid in full by 30th or students will not be permitted to participate in the recital. A $35.00 service charge is assessed for any returned check. If the office isn’t open, you can always leave your payment in the locked drop box outside the office door.

When you register for dance you are signing up for the entire school year. Many of our classes fill up at the beginning of the year and potential students are turned away. If you find that you must withdraw, you must give written notice (email is fine) to the office. Please do not leave a message on the answering machine or tell a teacher you are withdrawing. A minimum four week written notice is required to drop any class. If we do not receive at least a four week written notice, you will be obligated to pay the next month’s tuition.

Our purpose at NGD is to give our students the opportunity to achieve coordination, poise, grace, strength, self-confidence and discipline. Not every child will become a professional dancer, but the lessons learned will carry on and help them in real life situations. Dance helps develop memory retention, critical thinking, time management, teamwork, focus, dedication to a goal and a positive self-image. Our main goal with recreational students is that the experience dance as something FUN! At the end of each year, Next Generation Dance presents a recital to give our dancers an opportunity to exhibit the skills they have learned throughout the season. All students are encouraged to participate in the recital. This involves learning a routine, purchasing a costume, attending an assigned rehearsal and attending assigned shows. The recital is a wonderful experience for all and gives the students the opportunity to show the value of dance lessons and have the experience of performing on stage.

We appreciate any comments or suggestions. Please feel free to speak to any faculty or staff worker about any concerns with your child’s classes, but please NOT during class time! The payment box outside of the office door is also a comment/suggestion box as well. Please drop your ideas in the box, we will review them regularly. Remember we value each individual student!


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