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Our COVID-19 Response

Procedures & Guidelines

Next Generation School of Dance is taking all precautions that have been mandated and recommended by The State of Ohio and CDC to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Below is a list of important guidelines all dancers and families will need to take in order to participate in our 2021-2022 Dance Season. Following these guidelines will ensure a smooth and easy transition of our new normal for everyone and keep our kids safe, healthy and protected in dance. Please review these guidelines with your dancers. 


Dancer and Employee Screening

  • At Home Screening: Dancers/Families must conduct self-assessment and NOT ENTER our facility if you or your family are exhibiting symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19.  Please notify the office via the studio email.

  • Hand Washing: We recommend dancers provide their own hand sanitizer. The studio will offer sanitizer in each class room.  Dancers will be asked to use it prior to and after each class.

Physical Distancing and Capacity Measures

  • Dancer Face Coverings: Per governments order face coverings are mandatory for students 10 and over while transitioning in and out of the studio or classroom.  Once a student is in class and in their designated dance area the dancer will have the discretion to remove mask.

  • Employee Face Coverings: All Employees must wear facial coverings while transitioning in and out of the studio, classroom, or they are not advisable for health reasons. 

  • Drop Off:  Dancers should arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to their class time. One parent (no siblings) of any dancer may observe the first five and last five minutes of class with proper face covering. Please line up behind the studio A, B, or C on the blacktop a studio representative will help guide you or your child into the studio. If your child needs help transitioning to their next class it is recommended that you come in an help guide them. If they are older and do not require assistance you are welcome to just drop off.  Parents/Guardians are welcome to wait in the parking lot, office, or check out the used dance wear sale. Our studio lobby is closed for observation.

  • Classrooms: Capacity will be limited based on our available space and ability to social distance.

Preparing for Class

  • Water Bottle: Dancers need to provide their own water bottle. 

  • Hair: Dancers need to come to class with their hair secured and pulled back away from face. As they dance and tumble, hair can fall which will force them to touch their face to push it back.   

  • Attire: Dancers need to come to class with form fitting athletic attire. No extra sweatshirts, jackets, baggy tees, etc. 

  • Shoes and Dance Bag: Limit the amount of shoes/attire brought into the studio. 

Cleanliness and Sanitation

  • If props/mats are needed for the class, they will be disinfected between classes.

  • Our staff will be cleaning high-touch surfaces throughout the dance rooms such as ballet barres, mats, stereos, door handles, mirrors and light switches. 

  • The entire studio and office is deep cleaned daily.

  • Lost and Found will not be available in the studio so please double check with the office. 

​We understand that these times are challenging, an we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we navigate as responsibly as we can. Together, we can find new ways to have fun while being diligent to maintain proper physical distancing. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy by doing our best to follow our new guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office at or 513-863-7329. Thank you for your continued support.​ 

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